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New Name, New Site, New Blog!

Did we say November’ish?  Psych!  Of course these things never go according to plan, but we are excited to start 2009 with our new brand!  Thornton-Photo is now (drum roll please …) Phindy Studios. Isn’t that a much prettier name?   Along with launching our new brand, we have a brand-spankin’ new website and blog.  (They’re awesome and major props to Phil for designing them.  They are beautiful! :)I could sit and look at them all day)

Some of you might be wondering:  “Hey, why the change, I liked Thornton-Photo!”  Well, it really was a culmination of several factors that made us decide to change the name and brand of our company.  The first reason was that we like to consider our images and style to be unique and our name really did not reflect that.  There are about a million “Thornton Photos” out there and we wanted to stand out!  Another reason was that our domain name ( was not all we wanted it to be.  Because of all of those other studios using similar names we had to adopt that dreaded dash (-) in our domain name which really just made things complicated for our visitors.  We also felt like we have come a long way since we started this business all those years ago and we kind of “outgrew” our old brand.  So, there it is, the reason our blog has been quiet for the last few months.  Along with our new look we plan to make some fundamental improvements to our business, one of which is more blogging!  With a swanky new blog like this how could we not?

Quick Tour:  Okay, so you may notice a few new items here on the blog so let me point out some of them.

  1. Twitter Feeds! Up top in the bar above the most recent post you will see two areas for live updates of our twitter feeds.  For those of you who don’t know what twitter is, it’s basically a service that lets you post status updates, a lot like facebook’s status.  We can post these “tweets” from our iphones so you can know exactly what we are up to whenever you check the blog (why anyone would WANT to know that much about us we are not sure but we love twittering)
  2. Slideshow/Proof Links! Inside some posts you will see two gray boxes with links in them (see this post for an example) these links are there so that we can send you to relative info about that post.  For instance, if the post is about a wedding and we have made a slideshow for that wedding you can just click that purdy little link to go straight to it!  Or, if you want to purchase prints or view proofs from the event you can follow that link directly to the event at Pictage (our online lab partner.) Sweetness.
  3. Easier Comments! Comments are now “inline” with the post so you can quickly view and JOIN IN on the conversation!  We love comments so keep them coming:)

We know a post just isn’t complete without some killer photos for you guys to look at so this time we are including some new portraits we had made of us!  And boy, are they AMAZING!  Our good friend and super talented photographer Joy Marie took these almost 2 months ago for us but we were saving them for the new launch.  Ironic as it may seem we both HATE getting our picture taken but like any great photographer, Joy made it a fun experience and we love how these turned out.

Side note: A very special thanks to all of our 2008 clients.  You guys made it our best year yet!  We already have some incredible clients to shoot in 2009 and can’t wait to see what else this year holds for us.   Anyways, take a second to look around our new site and blog.  Let us know what you think!


Phil & Mindy (can you guess how we came up with Phindy?)




Musician Zach Spencer Portraits

We know you guys love the purdy wedding pictures but today’s post is a little bit different!  Here is a look at some portraits we just did for the super talented Zach Spencer.  If you haven’t heard Zach’s music drop what you are doing and go check it out! He is a great guy and an awesome musician.  We had a lot of fun in the freezing cold taking photos for his upcoming album.  Here are just a few to check out, Mindy & I think the very last image should be his album cover but unfortunately he already has an illustration selected for that;)










(Below: Mindy, Zach, Phil)


David Dewese Photo Shoot

Occasionally we get the opportunity to break out of the wedding/portrait mold and do something a little different.  That is exactly what were able to do last week with local artist David Dewese.  David was in need of some promotional images for his burgeoning solo efforts and we were happy to oblige.  We scouted around town and ended up picking a few locations downtown in “the gultch” and on music row.  We have a lot of fun with these types of sessions and can’t wait to do more.  Take a look at a few of the results.




M o r e   i n f o