Healthy Marriages Take Teamwork – Guest Post, Marie McKinney Oates

Guest Post From Marie:

There is plenty to love about Phindy Studios. They’re uber-talented photographers. They are friendly and generous. They combined their names to make their business’s name (Phil + Mindy = Phindy… adorable). I mean, really, they’re pretty awesome. But what really impresses me about Phil and Mindy is that they have built something (Phindy Studios) together. They pooled their individual skills and resources together and have shed blood, sweat and tears (the wedding photo industry is more intense than you realized, huh?) to build this business as a team.

Most couples don’t realize that being a team is at the heart of a healthy marriage. Being a part of team requires having goals and knowing that everyone on that team is working towards said goal. Teammates know that they are each invested in the success of the team, and that investment means that no one is going to walk away.

Now I’m not saying that you should run off to buy a fancy camera and start your own married couple wedding photography business. I am suggesting that you and your honey use your marriage to dream together, have goals together, build something together. What those goals and dreams are depend on you guys. It could be as simple as getting fit or as large as running for president.

What you decide to accomplish together isn’t that important. The important thing is to start acting like teammates. Build trust by showing up to practice, or your marriage, every day. Invest in each other financially, physically and mentally. Encourage each other when life gets rough. Recognize what each of you contributes to the success of the team. Have each other’s back no matter what.

Practice being teammates so that you don’t accidentally become roommates.

Bio: Marie McKinney Oates is a pre-marital counselor in Nashville who wants to help as many marriages succeed as possible. She blogs,Twitters and Facebooks like a pro.
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