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hey look phil and mindy made a little human

We are excited to finally announce our news to everyone… we are having a baby! We are beyond excited and only those very close to us really know how much this means to us. It’s been a very long road for us. Very few knew of our struggle to get pregnant. We can’t thank our family & close friends enough for your constant prayer & support. When the doctors told us we had a 1% chance of getting pregnant, my Dad said: “1% and God…that’s all you need!” Of course at the time we felt defeated, but he was completely right.

When we found out our good news, we also knew that when we wrote this post, we wanted to share a little of our experience in order to hopefully help others who might be struggling with infertility. While we were trying, every announcement made by another couple that they were expecting was unfortunately a sad moment for us. Not that we weren’t happy for those people, but it always reminded us of our own struggle. I don’t want this post to be a sad moment for anyone, but one of encouragement. Look at the odds we were given…you can’t get much worse and look, we did it! Granted, we had a lot of help. We took a decidedly “East meets West” approach. With dozens of acupuncture sessions, eastern herbal medicines and modern day western fertility treatments we were finally successful. If you are having difficulties, we highly recommend looking into this method. It definitely worked for us and for so many others. Trust me, our fertility Dr. is still in shock that we are pregnant. All that to say, we are more than happy to share more of our story with anyone who might need a little support. Please feel free to reach out to us. 🙂

We are so very happy and are glad to finally let everyone know! We’ve been off the radar the past month (morning sickness is no joke!) but I look forward to feeling better, hanging out with all our friends again and to all the beautiful weddings we still have to shoot this year! 2011 has been a great year and 2012 is going to be even better!

  • Corinna Hoffman - What a blessing and miracle!! Congratulations and cheering for you guys!!

    God bless 🙂 -Corinna (A fellow Facebook photographer friend)ReplyCancel

  • cleesmile - congratulations!! this is such wonderful wonderful news!! and you’re dad is awesome! =P i can’t wait to see baby phindy!!ReplyCancel

  • Airika Pope - I can’t believe I missed seeing this until now. Congratulations, you two! We’ve been praying for you and are so incredibly excited that you will be starting a family! We’ll continue to pray for health for Mindy and the baby, and we can’t wait to meet him/her soon. Love you two!ReplyCancel

  • Photographers in Denver - Aside from the great shot and idea, I love the reference to Monty Pythons line. 🙂

    Great stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Kate Hilbert - Congratulations!! I’m so very happy for you both!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Hamilton - What an inspiring story!! SO very excited for you two!!ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne Scott - Happy sigh. =) Thrilled for your next life journey, and can’t wait to meet your little one.ReplyCancel

  • Southall Eden Farm Weddings - SOOOOOO very happy for you guys! You will be absolutely amazing parents!ReplyCancel

  • Mississippi CUZ, Connie - Congratulations on the blessing you have received and your continued successful pregnancy. ♥ to you THREE!ReplyCancel

  • Randy - This is amazing and happy and wonderful. Congratulation you two!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly McCoy Hayden - Congrats again you two!!ReplyCancel

  • Monica - I am so excited for y’all!! My husband and I experienced infertility as well – I can relate to your struggle! God is definitely good and I will be covering both of you and your baby in prayer over the next few months! Blessings!!ReplyCancel

  • Steve Truppe - Congratulations to you both! God is good! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brent Bowers - Congratulations Mindy and Phil! We’re so happy for you both!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie Walker - A huge congratulations to you guys!!! Very exciting 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Daniel Brown - Congratulations! My wife and I had a hard time getting pregnant as well so I know well the previous pain and present joy. God is good! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • mandy whitley - We are so unbelievably happy for you guys! Super, super excited! You will be excellent parents 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sharon & Jonathon - And so the pool of cute babies in Nashville continues to grow! We are thrilled for you guys!!ReplyCancel

  • Tami - OH. MY. GOODNESS. OH. MY GOODNESS. I am SO EXCITED for you two!!!!!!!!! Yall are going to make the best parents ever! & I must say – this sweet baby is going to grow to be one HOT human 🙂 So excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristyn - So so excited for you two and your families!! Such a testament to God’s greatness! Congratulations and enjoy every minute 🙂 Matt & I can’t wait to meet the lil one!ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Ivy - Congrats guys! That’s so awesome!!ReplyCancel

  • Jenna Henderson - Such exciting news! A million congrats to you both!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Bebb - SO happy for you guys!! If the little one is due in February, I might just be in town. I’ll be there for another birth and it would be so great to be there for your baby too!ReplyCancel

  • Josh Gull - Most awesome news I’ve heard all day. I didn’t know about the struggles but that just makes me even more happy for you guys. A huge congrats!ReplyCancel

  • adrian - we are beyond excited for you and so thankful for the prayers that have been answered! love the photo. can’t wait to meet your little one!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie Zimmer - Congrats. I know your whole family is so excited. Isn’t it wonderful how faithful God is. I know the excitement you feel b/c doctors told me I would NEVER have a child and my daughter Mandi (Mandi NIkole) is now 25 years old. I feel so blessed. Mindy the morning sickness does get better and I’ll keep ya’ll in my prayers. Congrats again.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Watson - So so so happy for you two. It gives hope to everyone out there struggling with fertility issues. You two will be wonderful parents and we can’t wait to meet the new little one early next year. Love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Marcia Truitt - We are SO excited for you guys!!! It is true… God can take the impossible and make it possible! Can’t wait to meet him/her and share in this amazing experience!!ReplyCancel

  • Mel McLellan - Love that picture and love you. 🙂 We can’t wait for our little niece or nephew to get here! That’s right, I’m already claiming auntie status. So happy!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - congratulations! what exciting news! we struggled too with getting pregnant and had a hard time dealing with friends announcing their good news 🙁 but in the end God and prayers were all we needed and now we have the cutest craziest little angel boy 🙂 blessings to you!ReplyCancel

  • Latrice - Wow major congrats to you both! God is good y’all & with faith all things are possible. You will be amazing parents!!ReplyCancel

  • Mandi Nikole - awww YAY!! Congrats!!! I’m so excited for the two of you!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jenn & Tim Ward - Can’t even express how excited we are for the two of you…..! You will both be amazing parents and we can NOT even wait to watch you continue on this journey……blessings both big and small!!! xoxoxReplyCancel

  • Mom and Dad - We’re teary-eyed and happy all over again! We love you “all” so very much!ReplyCancel

  • Jon & Kelsey Bufkin - Incredible! We are so happy for you guys.ReplyCancel

  • Gregory Byerline - Now lookey there. That just makes me smile. So happy for you two lovebirds.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Kaplan - Oh my gosh, I seriously started squealing when I ready this! I’m SO beyond happy for you guys, you are going to make amazing parents!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jen Creed - YAY!!!! So incredibly ridiculously happy for you all! You will be amazing parents 🙂 We love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Erin - Congratulations to you both! What a blessing this baby is!ReplyCancel

  • Amber & Josh Ulmer-Ulmer Studios - YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH!!! Congrats you guys!!! We are so excited for you guys! We will be praying for Mindy’s pregnancy & the precious baby!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Richmond - I could not be more thrilled for you! Absolutely amazing – I think I may be tearing up over here! This baby has hit the parent jackpot for sure. Much LoveReplyCancel

  • mary crow - Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you!ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda Hendricks - oh wow Congrats you guys! Your honesty is inspiring, and I love what your dad said, so true. God is really a miracle worker and I’ve seen it in my own life. Looking forward to following your precious baby journey! Many blessings!!!!ReplyCancel

  • alex - wow, congrats! what a blessingReplyCancel

  • Kate Crafton - I am so overjoyed for you two. SO overjoyed.ReplyCancel

  • Paul Rowland - Congratulations!ReplyCancel

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