Charlottesville, VA Wedding – Brianna & Tony

So, a few weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure to travel up to Charlottesville, VA for Brianna & Tony’s amazing wedding at the historical Clifton Inn. As an added bonus I was shooting this one with Joy Marie, a great friend and amazing photographer. First off, I should say that I LOVE Charlottesville. It is actually a lot like Nashville but I am apparently not allergic to the trees that grow there which was a very good thing in the middle of allergy season. Anyway, Brianna & Tony (and all their guests) are great people. You could just tell they are going to have a beautiful life together. Clifton Inn was incredible, from the rooms to the food, everything was great. As you can see below it was hard to narrow these images down to a few favorites for the blog but i gave it my best shot, please leave us some comment love!!






Look at these two.  I mean come on, seriously? Work the camera much? They were nailing it!



Now on to the reception, below you see their first dance.



Warning.  This next photo contains a cute bomb. 3, 2, 1 …. look at that baby!





After all the dancing and fun it was off to the pool.  Brianna & Tony jumping in fully clothed?  Yes, of course, because they are just that cool!


Well, there you have it.  A great wedding, great location, and really great people.  Thanks guys! *Disclaimer: I am writing this post at 3:15am and you all know Mindy usually writes these things so if none of this makes sense then I can’t be held responsible 🙂

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