What wedding photographers do on vacation …

A few weeks ago we got the fantastic opportunity to mooch off of our dear friends, the McLellans, and hang out at their condo in Orange Beach, AL with some of our favorite people…who just happen to be wedding photographers as well 🙂   The trip was a blast, but since it was windy and dreary and we weren’t doing much hanging out at the beach, we decided to end the trip the right way by having an impromptu photo shoot.  The boys had tennis in mind so we went to Target to buy some sweat bands.  It started out just being a shoot of the boys, but of course the girls found some mini-stuffed dogs and it took off from there.   What can I say…the boys definitely have the comedy down and aren’t a bit shy to ham it up in front of the camera, but hopefully you can appreciate the girl’s tacky outfits just as much even though we are a little more camera shy!  So, below check out what Phil and I shot and you can check out everyone else’s images here:  the McLellan’s, the Carlson’s & the Scott’s.  (you might have to search on their blogs a little…they were a little quicker about getting up their shots…oh well, what can I say, we were in New Orleans shooting a wedding!) Note:  We love taking the post processing to the limit and trying new ideas on these images considering they are just for fun.  Let us know what you think!

This first one is probably the funniest.  Peter was totally goofing off acting like some sort of extreme photographer getting shots of the girls while in the kiddy pool.  Also, Peter was left out of the “HUGE GRAPHIC NAME BEHIND YOU IN THE PICTURE” thing from the last wedding photographer trip so we thought we’d hook him up in this post.  Peter is also new to twitter so be sure to follow him if you haven’t already, his twitter id is in the right photo below (and here)


Here is Mindy doing her best blue-steel and then cracking up about it.  Her theme was pink I guess.



This one of Sean cracked us up.  It looks like he is playing hacky-sac or something.  No, the tennis ball is not a product of Photoshop.


It looks like Chris is reading the text on the ground in this one!


Phil playing the tennis racket ukulele.


Okay, I know we already did a “BIG GRAPHIC WORDS BEHIND THE PERSON” image of Peter but I just couldn’t resist on this one.


The grand finale!


There are a few more of the girls to come in upcoming posts…so check back!

  • Ashley McWhorter - These are so fun, Mindy! Love them. We go to Orange Beach every summer with my husbands family. I was looking at your friends pics, as well. We also eat at LuLu’s every time, too. Glad you both had a fun get away!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Schenkel - THAT IS AWESOME! I just did the imaginary point with no one in my office. LOVE IT!!!ReplyCancel

  • amy - that’s it! i told mel that next year i’m crashing as the ninth wheel, and after hearing all the stories and now the pics, its a done deal!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Emily Beaty - So fun! Love the processing, especially the last one – very cool!ReplyCancel

  • Mel McLellan - Use the first one in the Dove bio page? Yes please!! hahaha! Such fun! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Whitney Carlson - Oh my goodness!!! This is so funny. I really think we should use that first photo in our bio section.ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne - Love ’em!! They totally made my night. =)ReplyCancel

  • chris. - can’t. stop. laughing.ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - LOVE the pics!!!! you guys are amazing!ReplyCancel

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